Discovering that your identity, or the identity of someone you love can leave you feeling angry and exposed. Beyond the frustration of having your identity used by another person, and having your life affected, recovering from that theft can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. The assistance of an attorney experienced in this area can make the process much less unpleasant.

When you discover that you are the victim of identity theft, there are a few steps that you should take immediately.

1) Get your credit report (all of them) you can go to be sure that all of the information there is correct. Check each report, because they may have different information.

2) If there is unauthorized activity, file a fraud report with all of the credit agencies

3) Go to to file a report. They do not directly enforce or prosecute identity theft, but they are a useful resource.

4) If your bank or credit accounts have been compromised contact the creditors and your bank immediately.

5) File a police report, and get a copy if at all possible (some departments do not give a copy of the police report.)

6) Once you have stopped more damage from happening, it is time to begin recovering your identity.

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